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Man Accused of Smuggling Ancient Mosaic From Syria to US


Asharq Al-Awsat


A Southern California man has been charged with smuggling an ancient mosaic that authorities believe was looted from war-torn Syria and falsely underestimating its value to avoid import duties.
Mohamad Yassin Alcharihi, 53, claimed in paperwork the 18-foot-long mosaic was part of a shipment worth only about $2,200, according to a federal indictment announced Friday.
However, an expert retained by the government believes the artwork was worth more than that.
The mosaic, seized by FBI investigators at his Palmdale house in 2016, depicts Hercules and dates back to the Roman Empire.
Experts believe the mosaic was similar to others found in and around the city of Idlib, Syria, The Associated Press reported.
Alcharihi has been locked in a legal dispute with federal authorities to reclaim the seized mosaic.

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