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Major strides in securing rights for persons with disabilities — Prince Mired


By Rana Husseini , The Jordan Times


AMMAN — HRH Prince Mired on Tuesday said that Jordan has made "major strides and noticeable steps" in securing more rights for persons with disabilities.
During a meeting organised by the office of the government coordinator for human rights Basil Tarawneh, Prince Mired, who is the head of the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities (HCD), said “the Council is working with the relevant government agencies to ensure the proper implementation of the law related to persons with disabilities that stipulates ensuring the right of education, independent living and mobility among other rights."
In the presence of a number of government and local organisations representatives, prince stated that HCD is currently working on several strategies and programmes to "tackle some of the issues that still need to be followed up”, the Jordan News agency, Petra, reported.
“Work is slow when it comes to children with disabilities’ education, especially as many are unable to enrol at schools and this is really a major challenge for HCD and other relevant government entities,” Prince Mired stated, pointing to the low percentage of labour enrolment for persons with disabilities and stressing the “urgent need to find solutions for this issue and other challenging issues related to persons with disabilities in Jordan”.
Meanwhile, Tarawneh said that his office is finalising a report on the situation of human rights in Jordan to be presented to the prime minister early next month.
“We have compiled many of the recommendations, observations and remarks by the civil society regarding the situation of human rights in Jordan and any mistakes or breaches that occurred in the past year and will present it to the premier,” Tarawneh said, noting that the meeting is part of a series of consultations organised every year between members from the government coordination team and civil society representatives concerned with human rights issue.
“This meeting is part of our transparent approach to make sure that the human rights situation in Jordan is well-monitored and respected by all government agencies and entities,” Tarawneh told The Jordan Times.

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