Monday 21st of September 2020 |
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Jordan confirms five new COVID-19 cases, all from abroad


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A total of five new coronavirus cases were recorded in Jordan on Monday, bringing the total number to 1,218 since the start of the crisis.
Four cases involve people currently staying in hotel quarantine; two have travelled from the UAE, one has travelled from Saudi Arabia and one from Qatar.
One case involves a Jordanian truck driver who has entered from Saudi Arabia via Al-Omari border crossing.
Thirty-two recovered cases were reported today, 29 of them were discharged from quarantine in the Dead Sea region, and three were discharged from Prince Hamzah Hospital.
A total of 4,332 random tests were conducted today, bringing the total number conducted so far to 611,875.
The Ministry of Health reiterated the need to adhere to preventive measures, avoid gatherings of more than 20 people, wear facemasks, social distance, and use Aman and Sehtak mobile applications.

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