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Crown Prince delivers keynote address at TechWadi forum in Silicon Valley


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — HRH Crown Prince Hussein on Thursday delivered the keynote address at the TechWadi Annual Forum 2020 in Silicon Valley, attended by 400 representatives of international ICT companies.
In his speech, the Crown Prince stressed that the ICT industry has the most impact on society, calling for putting people at the heart of technological progress.
“The technology industry has a duty to upgrade and update our collective moral code — literally and figuratively."
The Crown Prince highlighted what Jordan and the Arab world have to offer to ICT leaders in Silicon Valley. “You’ll need the right partners. Partners like my country, Jordan,” the Crown Prince told the attendees, noting that “Jordan is a safe, welcoming, and generous country.”
The Crown Prince also pointed to the history of the Arab world as an innovation hub. “The connection between Silicon Valley and the Arab world is natural. After all, the Arab world is the original start-up garage." 
“By partnering with us and with the Arab world, you’ll help us train young Arabs for the industries of the future,” the Crown Prince added, noting that “our young, talented workforce is hungry for careers in technology”.
The Crown Prince stressed that Arab youth are eager to help global ICT companies go beyond better communication among peoples to greater understanding.
“Together, I believe we can help people understand one another and connect with one another.” (See full text of the speech on page 4)
This year’s TechWadi forum highlights how members of the ICT and entrepreneurial community can connect with and support each other on their journeys to develop their careers, grow their businesses, or move from the Middle East and North Africa to Silicon Valley or vice versa.
 TechWadi is an organisation established in 2006 as a technology community for Arab American tech leaders and business people, with the aim of highlighting the role of Arab youth in the ICT sector, and connecting entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa with opportunities in Silicon Valley. 

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