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NATO-Jordan alliance: Pursuing a sacred mission - Editorial, The Jordan Times



Ahead of the meetings between NATO defence ministers taking place in Brussels, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed Jordan’s important role in the Middle East and voiced continued commitment to working with the Kingdom in various arenas. 
Speaking highly of Jordan’s role in the war on terror, the head of the alliance said the Kingdom is a key member of the global coalition against Daesh and a close partner of NATO.
US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison commended Jordan, also noting that the Kingdom is a close ally of the US and NATO. “Jordan has done an incredible job,” said Hutchison.
Jordan’s regional and international role in counterterrorism efforts and its pursuit of regional peace and stability have achieved wide international acclaim due to its continued commitment to the cause.
The Kingdom has spared no efforts and used all available means at its disposal. It continues to remain at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, while making significant sacrifices without hesitance for this noble cause.
In a partnership that has spanned more than 25 years, the Kingdom and NATO have expanded the scope of their cooperation to areas including defence, intelligence information sharing, capacity building and training, among others.
Jordan has remained a bulwark in efforts to curb and counter the spread of extremism in all of its forms and these testimonies have reaffirmed its vital role.
The Kingdom’s close strategic partnership with NATO has the potential to become even stronger amidst evolving challenges posed by terror groups regionally and internationally.
The threat posed by the Daesh terror group persists and the fight against terror is far from over. Standing united and working hand in hand in efforts to eradicate terrorism is a sacred mission.

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