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Gov’t reaffirms commitment to premier’s priorities


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The government is committed to the prime minister’s priorities, State Minister for Institutional Performance Development Yasera Ghousheh said on Tuesday.
The minister’s remarks came during a high-level brainstorming session organised by the EU-funded META Jo2025 project.
Ghousheh delivered the opening speech reassuring that the government realises the importance of delivering on its commitments to the citizens.
“It is critical the government is organised and enabled to deliver on its commitments to citizens. We know that we need to move quickly to address the many serious challenges that the country is facing,” she said in a statement to The Jordan Times.
With the participation of organisational performance expert professor Michael Bourne, the session tackled performance development and delivery of key priorities, the statement said.
Bourne is head of the UK top ranked Cranfield Centre for Performance, at the Cranfield University School of Management, and is the president of the global Performance Management Association.
“Most governments underestimate deliver,” he said.
“For reforms to be successful, 90 per cent of the effort has to be focused on quality implementation. While this work is challenging, it is unavoidable if the government wants to deliver on its commitments,” the expert warned.
“We need to align employees, resources and systems to delivering the government’s objectives and start delivering on this programme,” Bourne stated.
To that effect, “the European Union is pleased to continue its support to the Government of Jordan to bolster performance”, said European Union Ambassador to Jordan Andrea Matteo Fontana.
“Effective performance management is essential to Government organisations. It is all about managing the many complexities of delivering results,” he concluded.
The META Jo2025 Project is a three-and-a-half-year project designed to contribute to Jordan’s economic growth.

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