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Cabinet reshuffle brings back three portfolios, scraps two


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AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued on Thursday approving a reshuffle in Prime Minister Omar Razzaz’s Cabinet.
Salameh Hammad was appointed as interior minister, Walid Masri as minister of local administration, Yasera Ghosheh as minister of state for institutional performance development, Mohammad Eses as minister of planning and international cooperation and state minister for economic affairs, Sami Daoud as minister of state for prime ministry affairs, Saad Jaber as health minister, Muthana Gharaibeh as minister of digital economy and entrepreneurship, and Nidal Bataineh as labour minister, according to a Royal Court statement.
The reshuffle, the third since Razzaz took office in July last year, saw the scrapping of two portfolios; the Ministry of State for Investment Affairs and the Ministry of ICT.
Six newcomers joined the government’s ranks in the latest formation, including Ghosheh and Hammad, who have both carried the same portfolios in previous governments, while five ministers were out (see profiles of new ministers). 
Meanwhile, Razzaz’s new shake-up introduced a new portfolio, digital economy and entrepreneurship, replacing ICT, and brought back those of prime ministry affairs, institutional performance development, which was scrapped in the previous reshuffle, and the economic affairs portfolio, now merged with planning and international cooperation.
Under the new amendments, the name of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs has been changed to the Ministry of Local Administration. 
In October 2018, Razzaz restructured his Cabinet for the first time, and then again in January 2019.
The new ministers were sworn in on Thursday before His Majesty King Abdullah at Al Husseiniya Palace in the presence of Razzaz, Royal Court Chief Yousef Issawi and Adviser to His Majesty for Communication and Coordination Bisher Al Khasawneh.
Earlier in the day, a Royal Decree was issued accepting the resignation of the following ministers as of May 9: Minister of Labour Samir Murad, Minister of Municipal Affairs Walid Masri, Minister of State for Investment Affairs Muhannad Shehadeh, Minister of Interior Samir Mubaidin, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mary Kawar, Minister of ICT Muthana Gharaibeh and Health Minister Ghazi Zaben.
A Royal Decree was also issued accepting the resignation of Special Adviser to His Majesty Mohammad Eses, effective May 9. 
Cabinet list
Following is the list of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz Cabinet members after Thursday’s reshuffle:
Omar Razzaz: Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
Rajai Muasher: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State
Ayman Safadi: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates
Musa Maaytah: Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of State
Nidal Bataineh: Minister of Labour
Walid Masri: Minister of Local Administration
Yasera Ghosheh: Minister of State for Institutional Performance Development
Sami Daoud: Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs
Mohamad Eses: Minister of Planning and International Cooperation and State Minister for Economic Affairs
Salameh Hammad: Minister of Interior
Abdul Nasser Abul Bassal: Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Ezzeddine Kanakrieh: Minister of Finance
Mubarak Abu Yamin: Minister of State for Legal Affairs
Tareq Hammouri: Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply
Jumana Ghunaimat: Minister of State for Media Affairs
Hala Zawati: Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
Muthana Gharaibeh: Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship
Raed Abul Saud: Minister of Water and Irrigation
Bassam Talhouni: Minister of Justice
Majd Shweikeh: Minister of Tourism and Antiquities 
Falah Omoush: Minister of Public Works and Housing
Basma Ishaqat: Minister of Social Development
Saad Jaber: Minister of Health
Ibrahim Shahahdeh: Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Environment
Mohammad Abu Rumman: Minister of Culture and Minister of Youth
Walid Maani: Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education
Anmar Khasawneh: Minister of Transport

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