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Hot air mass forecast to impact Kingdom


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A hot air mass is forecast to impact the Kingdom on Sunday, raising temperatures  7-8 ºC above their seasonal average, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD).
The weather on Sunday is forecast to be hot in mountainous areas and valleys, and very hot in Badia areas, the Dead Sea and Aqaba, with easterly light winds turning into northwesterly moderate winds, according to the weather department. 
The impact of the heatwave resumes on Monday, with very hot weather around the Kingdom, and due to the heat of the surface, and the presence of cold air in higher levels of the atmosphere, clouds are forecast to formulate, bringing a slight chance of light rainfall in the eastern and southeastern parts of the Kingdom.
The weather remains hot on Tuesday as well, the weather department said, noting that there is a possibility of light rainfall in the evening, with easterly light winds turning into westerly moderate to brisk winds in the evening. 
Throughout the week, the JMD warned of the danger of being directly under sunlight for extended periods, especially at noon, and cautioned against leaving flammable materials in vehicles.
The weather department also advised drinking lots of fluid recurrently throughout the heatwave, ensuring that children are not left in locked vehicles, and wearing light clothing with bright colours and hats.
The temperatures in Amman on Sunday will see a high of 40°C during the day and a low of 26°C at night, while on Monday and Tuesday temperatures are expected to range between 39°C and 27°C. 
In Aqaba, temperatures are predicted to range between 45°C and 32°C on Sunday and between 44°C and 33°C on Monday and Tuesday.

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