Sunday 16th of June 2019 |
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Royal Decree approves Razzaz's government reshuffle




Earlier in the day, a Royal Decree was issued accepting the resignation of the following ministers as of Oct. 11, 2018:
Dr. Adel Issa Al-Twaisi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,
Mrs. Hala Latouf, Minister of Social Development,
Dr. Mahmoud Yasin Al-Shueiab, Minister of Health,
Eng. Yahia Mousa Kasby, Minister of Public Works and Housing,
Mr.Nayef Hamidi Al Fayez, Minister of Environment,
Mrs. Majd Mohammed Shweikeh, Minister of Public Sector Development,
Eng. Khaled Mousa Al Hneifat, Minister of Agriculture,
Dr. Awad "Abu Jarad Al-Mashakbeh," Minister of Justice,
Eng.Mounir Mousa Eweis, Minister of Water and Irrigation,
Dr. Azmi Mahmoud Mahafzah, Minister of Education,
Mr. Makram Mustafa Al Qaisi, Minister of Youth,
Mrs. Basma Mohammed Al-Nsour, Minister of Culture.

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