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Dead Sea accident committee holds 1st meeting




Amman -- The committee, formed by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz in implementation to royal directives to find out causes of the Dead Sea incident, on Saturday held its first meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, State Minister and President of the committee Rajai Al-Muasher.
The Committee expressed its condolences to the Jordanian people and the families of the victims of the tragic accident and wished of the injured speedy recovery.
Al-Muasher said the committee's objective is to investigate the incident, which constitute a tragedy for all Jordanians, and reach the full truth about what happened, noting that the committee's work does not intervene with the Prosecutor's criminal investigations into the incident.
The committee will not accept less than the whole truth and there will be no room for covering up any failure by any party and it will call all parties involved in the accident before preparing its comprehensive report on the incident and submit it to the Prime Minister, the minister added.
The purpose of forming the committee is not to investigate anyone, but to collect information and submit its report with all honesty and responsibility, Al-Muasher said, stressing that there are references that will determine the responsibility or negligence of any party in performing its duties.
Al-Muasher said the committee will review all administrative, technical and legislative measures necessary to avoid the recurrence of such a disaster in the future and mitigate the effects of any natural disaster on people's lives.
He underlined that the committee feels the great responsibility it upholds in presenting an honest report regarding the loss of Jordanian children and citizens' lives, as it senses the suffering of the families and of the victims.
The committee has mandated the Ministry of Education to review the basis and conditions of school trips and to set clear criteria to ensure public safety, such as it mandated the Ministry of Tourism, to lay down clear foundations for adventure tourism.
It also mandated the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to prepare a detailed report on bridges and infrastructure conditions and mandated the Ministry of Transport to prepare a report on the Early Warning System (EWS) of the Department of Meteorology and warnings to be included in weather forecasts.
The committee also called on the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to follow up on the conditions of dams in the Kingdom and provide public safety measures in them.
On Thursday, 21 people have been killed and many more injured when torrential rains swept away a group of students and teachers touring in a bus near the Dead Sea area.

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