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PM: We are keen on teachers' return to classrooms




Amman–– Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said on Saturday that the government looks forward to seeing teachers end a month-long strike and return to the classrooms "with their heads held high to fulfill their duty toward the generation."
"A teacher's dignity is our dignity, his prestige is our prestige, and we will never tolerate the teacher being offended or disrespected, whatsoever," Razzaz said in a message to teachers in Jordan to mark World Teachers Day.
He said the government regrets any incident in which a teacher's dignity was assaulted, and pledged to complete an investigation, adding that the government is waiting for the results of a report by the National Centre for Human Rights to take appropriate action.
Appealing to public school teachers to end a month-long strike and return to classrooms, Razzaz said "we call upon you, our teachers, to listen to your hearts and minds and heed the scared message of education."
He said the teachers, who are demanding a pay raise, had legitimate aspirations and have the right to have their voice heard, and should engage with the Ministry of Education in a dialogue to achieve results that are "in the interest of the teacher, student and the national interest."

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