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Gov’t pursues a balance between public health and economy — PM


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Bisher Al Khasawneh on Sunday said that the government will continue to pursue a balance between preserving public health and protecting the economy, stressing that the priority is always health, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
Addressing the Lower House after the conclusion of deliberations over the 2021 state budget law and budgets of independent public institutions, Khasawneh said that both the government and the Chamber had come at a "difficult and challenging time", adding that the pandemic is still present and deepening, and “we are at a critical stage in the fight against it".
The premier stressed that the government is committed to implementing Royal directives to develop legislation governing the political life in the Kingdom.
In this regard, he referred to a recent meeting that brought him together with the House speaker and Senate president to launch an inclusive dialogue with civil society institutions, political activists and parties and other groups to reach “formulas” that meet the Royal directives, achieve political development and enhance legislation.
The prime minister reiterated that the government seeks a participatory approach with the House and civil society institutions, pointing to the necessity of restoring the citizens’ confidence.
Khasawneh said that his government is committed not to "sell illusions" to citizens, noting that “this is a trap in which the government will not fall in under any circumstances". He stressed that the government seeks to "establish credibility even if it is painful".
He added that "some answers may be disappointing to ambitions and aspirations, but they will be based on honesty and openness", underlining the government's endeavours to address "fundamental imbalances", whether administrative reforms or others.

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