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Damascus Slams Renewed U.S. Sanctions on Ally Iran




Syria on Tuesday condemned the United States' reimposition of sanctions on Iran, describing the move against its longtime ally as "illegal" and driven by "arrogance."
A first wave of renewed U.S. sanctions came into effect on Tuesday, hitting Tehran's access to U.S. banknotes and key industries such as cars and carpets.
Syria "sharply condemned the American administration's decision to reimpose economic sanctions on Iran," said a foreign ministry official, quoted by state news agency SANA.
The sanctions on Iran follow U.S. President Donald Trump's withdrawal in May from a landmark 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran, Washington and other world powers. 
"These unilateral actions are illegal under international law and confirm that the U.S. administration's policies have a proclivity for hegemony and arrogance," the Syrian official said.
Damascus has long been subject to U.S. sanctions and Iran backs President Bashar al-Assad in Syria's civil war, providing political, military and economic support.
Tuesday's sanctions on Iran are due to be followed by another round of punitive measures from Washington in November, targeting the country's vital oil sector. 
In an executive order Monday, Trump said the sanctions seek to pile financial pressure on Iran and force a "comprehensive and lasting solution" to aggressive activities, including its development of missiles and "malign" regional activities.
The U.S. has sought to curtail Tehran's influence in the Middle East, including its support for Assad's regime. 
Syria's conflict has killed more than 350,000 over the past seven years.
Damascus is in full solidarity with Iran "in facing the hostile policies of the U.S. administration", the Syrian foreign ministry official said. 
"Iran's leadership, government, and people will triumph over all the ramifications of these steps," the official added.

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