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Government: Restaurants will no longer be receiving customers for the time being


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The Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh and the Minister of Health, Saad Jaber have held a press conference today at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management to discuss the government’s measures to fight coronavirus.
During the conference, Adaileh confirmed that the general situation in Jordan is good and under control amid the spread of the virus.
He explained that the number of confirmed cases so far is 19 and that putting the arrivals in Jordan from abroad in quarantine is a precaution to protect them and their families from the virus.
"We may have to activate the national defense law to deal with the corona crisis," Adaileh said, indicating that the government will take the most severe measures against those who publish rumors and misinformation.
He pointed out that the government is working to reduce overcrowding at the airports and that strict health measures will be implemented to control and stop the infection.
"Food and drink in the Dead Sea hotels where the arrivals will be quarantined are offered for free," the Minister stressed.
He said that a circular was issued for schools to activate distance learning and that all commercial truck drivers will be undergoing medical tests.
"Restaurants will no longer be receiving customers. People can only get food through delivery service and the "drive-thru" service," Adaileh announced.
Public and private companies are prevented from using air conditions, the Minister said, calling on citizens to stay home as a precaution.
For his part, the Health Minister confirmed that all flights from and to Jordan will be suspended as of tomorrow.
Jaber stressed that all the infected had arrived from countries with coronavirus cases and that the health personnel will follow up on the health conditions of the suspected cases, indicating that more than 200 people underwent medical examinations in the past two days.

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