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Jordanians to elect their 24th parliament today


Ammon News,


More than 4.6 million citizens head to polling centers today to choose their representatives in the 24th parliament since the state establishment.

The Independent Election Commission has announced the completion of administrative and technical preparation with regards to 1824 polling and counting centers across the country. This election is the third one that will occur under the supervision of the Independent Election Commission according to the constitutional amendments occurred in 2011 to achieve free and fair election.

The current election witnesses extraordinary measures due to the current situation of COVID 19. It also witnesses a huge participation as the number of candidates have reached 1693 candidates.

4.647.835 million citizens have the right to vote at the polling centers which will open at 7.00 am and close at 7.00 pm with the possibility to extent the time to vote for no more than two hours if this is required.

Females represent the higher percentage of voters with more than 52% of the total number of voters. On the other hand, males represent 48% of the total number of voters.

The female candidates represent about 21% of the total number of candidates (364 candidates).

There are 1350 journalists who will monitor the election, representing 135 media organizations. There are 42 international journalists, representing 17 organizations.

It is worth-mentioning that the current election will occur according to the election law approved in 2016 where the country is divided into 23 election districts in which 130 parliament members will be elected.



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