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Public Prosecutor arrests rotten chicken distributor for fraud


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A decision to arrest the meat distributor has been issued by Ain Al-Basha Public Prosecutor, Ahmed Al-Mahasneh, on Sunday.
The defendant will be detained at Balqa Reform and Rehabilitation Center for a week, pending the investigation.
The arrest came after the second mass food poisoning incident in Jordan over the past week, which has affected 88 people — all in a stable condition.
The defendant has been charged with fraud for violating the provisions of Article 417 of the Penal Code — handling food in unsuitable conditions that made it harmful to human health, handling food that is not safe for human consumption and the occurrence of a harmful health event that breaks public health laws.
A source close to the investigation told Roya an estimated three tons of rotten chicken was found at the meat warehouse.
This meat distributer distributes chicken to four restaurants.
Investigations for both mass food poisoning incidents in Ain al-Basha are ongoing.

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