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Parliament ordinary session slated for October 14


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued on Saturday, proroguing the Parliament's extraordinary session as of September 30, a statement from the Royal Court said.
Another Royal Decree was issued the same day adjourning the Parliament's ordinary session as of October 14.
According to Article 78 of the Constitution: "The King shall summon the National Assembly to an ordinary session on the first day of October of each year or, if that day is an official holiday, on the first day following the official holiday, provided that the King may, by Royal Decree published in the Official Gazette, postpone for a period not exceeding two months the meeting of the Assembly to a date to be fixed by the Royal Decree."
The two Houses of Parliament were convened for an extraordinary session as of September 9 to discuss several bills including the 2018 amendments to the Civil Retirement Law, audit bureau draft law, municipal courts formation draft law and bill of the fund of martyrs of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and security apparatuses.
Some of these laws were endorsed by the two Houses of Parliament.
Last Monday a Royal Court was issued adding four more laws to the extraordinary session, including the 2018 amendments to the Income Tax Law, cybercrime, integrity, and anti-corruption and illicit gain draft laws.

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