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King, via teleconference, chairs follow-up meeting on measures to counter COVID-19, safeguard citizens’ wellbeing


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AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday chaired a meeting via teleconference to follow up on the measures taken to counter the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in line with his concern for the health and wellbeing of Jordanians, according to a Royal Court statement.
During the meeting, attended by HRH Prince Feisal, adviser to His Majesty and chairperson of the National Policies Council, King Abdullah stressed the need to continue working to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, utilising all resources and capabilities.
His Majesty commended the heightened sense of social awareness displayed by Jordanians and their understanding of the measures taken, underscoring the importance of adhering to them, the statement said.
The King called for continuing to guide the public on how to counter COVID-19 and meet their basic needs during the current period.
His Majesty also stressed the importance of focusing on the agriculture sector and encouraging farmers to maintain production to meet consumer needs.
The King expressed appreciation for the efforts by all state institutions, calling for maintaining and coordinating these efforts as one team.
For his part, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz noted that the government and the concerned agencies, upon His Majesty’s directives, are working to take decisions and implement measures that will safeguard the country and protect the health and wellbeing of citizens from COVID-19, according to the statement.
Razzaz pointed to the high level of public compliance with Defence Law Order No. 2 for the year 2020, which imposed a nationwide curfew on Saturday. 
He said that efforts have been made to avoid disrupting vital daily processes, noting that a suitable mechanism is being studied for the delivery of basic commodities and medicines to citizens, the statement said.
The prime minister reaffirmed that the levels of basic food commodities and oil reserves are “reassuring”, covering the Kingdom’s needs for a satisfactory period.
He said the necessary measures have been taken to maintain the operation of vital sectors through authorised essential staff.
Stressing that the government has prioritised education, Razzaz noted the process of remote learning was initiated on Sunday morning through the Ministry of Education’s e-learning platform, Darsak, and via three dedicated Jordan Television channels.
He noted that the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship is coordinating with telecom providers to ensure the online platform continues operating as the load on Internet services rises.
Also during the meeting, attended by senior officials and officers, His Majesty listened to briefings from the ministers of health, labour and industry, trade and supply on the measures and plans to counter COVID-19, the statement said.

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