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Razzaz announces activation of Defence Law following Royal Decree


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Tuesday announced the activation of the Defence Law after a Royal Decree was issued upon the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.
Speaking from the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, Razzaz said that the law will be exercised at a minimal level, calling on the public to make a distinction between the right of expression, which is guaranteed, and spreading rumours and false news, stressing that the government will deal with this issue “firmly”.
The prime minister also said that the government’s measures will not affect private property, especially since official resources are sufficient, adding that the defence orders will be implemented to protect the health of the public.
The government will implement all procedures aimed at alleviating the burdens of citizens, the premier said, adding that guaranteeing the life and health of citizens is a “sacred right”.

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