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Bani Hassan tribe rallies against ‘settlement projects’


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Members of the Bani Hassan tribe on Saturday reaffirmed their support to the Kingdom in the face of “settlement projects, questionable deals” and foreign agendas.  
During the first Bani Hassan national conference held in Zarqa, Ayed Zyoud, head of the conference’s organisation committee, reiterated the tribe’s stance in support of His Majesty King Abdullah in the face of settlement projects seeking an alternative homeland for the Palestinians, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra. 
Zyoud reiterated the tribe’s support for the King and his efforts in calling for an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. 
Enhancing the cohesion of the nation can only be done through the inclusion of “all tribal, social and political groups” in the process of administrating state affairs, the tribal representative said.
Zyoud called for achieving justice and eliminating the phenomenon of profiteering at the expense of the nation, stressing the need for political reform and efforts to combat corruption. 
“The conference came to stress the depth of the ties between the tribe and Jordan since its foundation,” Zyoud highlighted, reiterating Bani Hassan’s role as a “pillar of the Kingdom’s stability during dark times”. 
“As Jordanians, we have been accustomed to helping those in need and embracing those who have escaped to Jordan,” Zyoud said, adding that this has led to “forced demographic change”, which in turn posed “grave threat” to Jordan’s identity. 
Zyoud noted that Jordan is the midst of a “dire economic crisis”, pointing to indicators of rising unemployment, public debt and budget deficits, compounded by plummeting foreign aid. 

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