Friday 29th of May 2020 |
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Gov't economic team reviews policies to spur growth




Amman–– Prime Minister Omar Razzaz Saturday chaired a meeting of the government's economic team to discuss economic and investment policies to spur growth and attract investments that would create jobs and alleviate unemployment, particularly in the governorates.
The economic team reviewed the stimulus measures adopted in the last few weeks targeting a host of sectors, including real estate that grew by 12 per cent in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year. 
They said the exemptions from fees levied on land ownership transfer and the parceling out of land, which would facilitate the process of transferring land ownership from the deceased to their inheritors, would largely boost the sector and facilitate procedures for the citizens. 
The economic team also outlined other measures adopted recently, including tax refunds, where 37 million dinars have, so far, been disbursed, in addition to the disbursement of amounts owed to contractors and medical centers.
The economic team also discussed the dairy industry in the Kingdom, and will meet with representatives of the sector in the coming days to find solutions to challenges facing producers and enhance the competitiveness of the sector in the local market and its export capacity.

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