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Sahab governorate pioneers sustainable development, municipal reform


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Sahab Mayor Abbas Maharma highlighted that Sahab governorate aims to broadens its scope in order to achieve its municipal objectives and transformative changes.
In a recent interview with The Jordan Times, Maharma emphasised that the reform process begins with the adoption of a sustainable municipal vision, adding that a mayor today is considered to be the head of a “community government”.
Located 16 kilometres southeast of the capital Amman, Sahab is an industrial district known for its instrumental role in trade operations and for hosting significant numbers of refugees.
Until 2013, Sahab was part of the Greater Amman Municipality, according to Maharma who noted that during the period between 2006-2013, the city faced environmental, social, and developmental challenges.
The role of a mayor, Al Maharma said, extends beyond overseeing municipal operations and street repairs. It involves policymaking, community engagement, and spearheading community development initiatives to resolve protracted issues and challenges.
He also said that the densely populated region has witnessed a number of developmental and beautification projects, infrastructure improvements, and transformative changes including the renovation project of Hassan Bin Talal Street and the creation of Sahab Walkway, adding that Sahab governorate also won first place at the Special Municipal Prize.
“Improving the conditions within Sahab and making its residents more aware of their own potential, in addition to improving their living conditions is a priority,” Al Maharma explained.
However, he noted that the governorate’s budget is limited and is mainly spent on municipal employees’ salaries. Therefore, maintaining strong relations with donors and reflecting the best municipal model is of utmost importance.
“Around 45 to 50 per cent of the budget is spent on salaries,” Maharma further said.
Developing a new governorate structure requires time and dedicated work, the mayor said, adding that transparency and accountability are the core of good governance.
Sustainable energy projects, waste sorting initiatives at school facilities, tree planting, and carton recycling projects are among the main priorities for making Sahab a more sustainable city.
“The notion of leadership is confirmed when the mayor is capable of inspiring and empowering locals, particularly the youth who are regarded to be a key partner in the development process of comprehensive municipal reform,” the mayor highlighted.
Despite Sahab’s serious environmental issues, the governorate has directed its efforts towards making significant improvements over the years, he added.
“We must now reignite the spirit of municipal governance, to dispel old stereotypes and to break out of traditional functions,” the mayor concluded.

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