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SSC denies calling of employed workers since 1990 to receive sum of money




Amman- The Social Security Corporation (SSC) denied news that was circulated on social media outlets on "calling on employees, who have worked between 1990 and 2019, to obtain an amount of JD1449 from the SSC and calling on them to register through an alleged link in order to get this amount."
"The SSC has nothing to do with this link, and it hasn't called on anybody in this regard," said SSC spokesperson Musa Subaihi.
"It is not the SSC way to adopt such a method in addressing its beneficiaries and retirees," Subaihi added.
He pointed out that the Social Security Law is very clear in recognizing the rights of the insured and beneficiaries of any insurance or pension rights, whether in the form of salaries or single payment compensation a in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated.
He warned of "dealing with such misleading and deceptive information aimed at causing confusion among the SSC insured in particular and the social security's public in general."

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