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Government determined to bring Labadi home from Israel


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Foreign Ministry said it will spare no effort to guarantee the release of Jordanian detainee in Israel, Hiba Labadi.
In a statement on Thursday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sufian Qudah voiced Jordan's rejection of an Israeli military court ruling, which validated the administrative arrest of Labadi, saying that it is “void and unacceptable”.  
Qudah said the ministry had informed the Israeli authorities of its rejection of the ruling and reiterated its demand for the immediate release of Labadi. 
Earlier this month, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli Chargé d’Affaires in the Kingdom to protest against the continued detention of Labadi and Abdulrahman Meri.
Qudah said that a letter was handed over to the Israeli envoy, demanding an immediate release of Labadi and Meri.
The ministry spokesperson said that the Israeli government was asked in the letter to adhere to the international law and human rights conventions, holding the Israeli authorities accountable for the safety of the detained Jordanians. 
In September, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to Jordan and called for the immediate release of Labadi and Meri, who had been detained by Israeli authorities after crossing the King Hussein Bridge.

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