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King leaves for Netherlands as Aqaba process resumes


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday left for The Netherlands for a working visit, to participate in an international meeting that will be held under the framework of the Aqaba meetings, or process, to follow up and coordinate global anti-terrorism efforts.

The Netherlands-hosted meeting, in partnership with Jordan, discusses countering terrorism and extremism, as well as focusing on relevant European efforts, according to a Royal Court statement.
This meeting is held with the participation of ministers and political and security officials from European countries, as well as officials and representatives from the UN, the EU, NATO, USA, Canada, Australia and other partners.
The Netherlands is the second country to host an international meeting within the framework of the Aqaba meetings, with the first meeting held outside the Kingdom having been organised in Albania in June.
King Abdullah launched the Aqaba meetings in 2015, with the aim of fostering military and security cooperation and coordination, as well as expertise exchange and information sharing, among different regional and international parties, to counter terrorism within a holistic approach, the statement added.
 Aqaba meetings that took place in previous years included holding a series of meetings with the participation of a number of heads of state and officials from east and west Africa, southeast Asia and the Balkans, as well as a number of senior officials from different countries.
During an interview with journalists in April, on the occasion of the national day of The Netherlands, Dutch Ambassador to the Kingdom Barbara Joziasse said that anti-terror efforts within the EU will be on the agenda of the next Aqaba meetings.
HRH Crown Prince Hussein was sworn in as Regent, in the presence of Cabinet members.

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