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Jordan, Indonesia to join ranks in anti-terror fight


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Saturday met with chief of Indonesian National Counterterrorism Agency Com. Gen. Suhardi Alius over cooperation in combating terror.
They discussed mechanisms of enhancing such cooperation in the security field, according to a Royal Court statement.
During the meeting, regional and international efforts in the war on terror as part of a holistic strategy were discussed.
Jordan, deemed a leader in the fight against terror groups, has been advocating a “holistic approach” within a global concert. 
In a speech in Belgium last year, King Abdullah has said that Jordan’s international partners in the fight against terrorist groups started to adopt the comprehensive approach Jordan has been preaching, which is based on the fact that the terror phenomenon is “not exclusive to the Arab region”, citing the threat to world security as a globally shared challenge. 
“Terrorism has no border, no nationality, no religion,” His Majesty has stated on another occasion, calling for a concerted global effort to achieve the “crucial” goal. 
In a related development, Amman hosted on Saturday a conference titled “Jordan in a changing region… the coming stage’s scenarios”, during which a senior official underlined that Jordan’s strategy to fighting terrorism is based on military, security and ideology pillars.
Deputising for Prime Minister Hani Mulki in opening the event, State Minister for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani said that Jordan has a pivotal regional role in the efforts that aim to establish security and stability (See story Page 3).

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