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Officials: 18 Killed as Truck Crashes Into Bus Outside Cairo




A trailer-truck crashed into a microbus, killing at least 18 people and injuring five others south of the Egyptian capital, authorities said.
The country’s chief prosecutor’s office said in a statement the crash took place late Friday on a highway near the town of Atfih, 100 kilometers (62 miles) south of Cairo.
The Cairo-Assiut eastern road, located on the eastern side of the Nile River, links Cairo to the country’s southern provinces and is known for speeding traffic, The Associated Press reported.
Police authorities said the truck’s tire exploded, causing it to overturn and collide with the microbus.
The victims were taken to nearby hospitals, the statement said. The truck driver was arrested.
The country’s official statistics agency says around 10,000 road accidents took place in 2019, the most recent year for which statistics are available, leaving over 3,480 dead.
In 2018, there were 8,480 car accidents, causing over 3,080 deaths.



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