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Russia is not making nuclear threats against anyone: Deputy Foreign Minister




Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Friday that Russia is not making nuclear threats against anyone, however, it urges the West to refrain from interfering in Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Russia Today (RT) reported.
Ryabkov said, in a conference marking the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Moscow had noticed “Washington’s painful reaction” to Russia placing its nuclear arsenal on high combat alert in February.
He added, “We explain that we do not threaten anyone with nuclear weapons,” referring to Moscow’s military doctrine, which provides for the use of the nuclear arsenal in self-defense following threats to the state.
According to Ryabkov, Russia was warning the West that there are “risks” to its interference in Ukraine, urging the US “to avoid a situation that could lead to a direct military clash with Russia.”
Additionally, he accused Washington of deliberately “lowering the nuclear threshold,” and “implementing a destabilizing program to modernize its nuclear potential.”

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