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Issawi follows up on Royal initiative projects in Jerash, Mafraq, Zarqa


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Following His Majesty King Abdullah’s directives during a meeting with representatives and leading figures from the Bani Hassan tribe on Sunday, Royal Court Chief Yousef Issawi on Thursday visited Jerash, Mafraq and Zarqa governorates to follow up on Royal initiative projects and development issues discussed in the meeting.
During Sunday’s meeting, King Abdullah directed the government to form committees from these governorates to draw a comprehensive plan that reflects their priorities and needs.
Beginning his tour in Jerash, Issawi, who is also head of the follow-up committee for the implementation of Royal initiatives, checked on the progress of the construction of the industrial estate, where 80 per cent of the scheme has been implemented so far, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation CEO Omar Jwaid acquainted Issawi with the challenges facing the project if it continues as an industrial estate, including high operational costs that could hinder the attracting of investments into the facility.
The chief also visited the military retirees club project, which comes from Royal initiatives, and had a firsthand look at the final stages of the venture, which is part of a series of similar clubs nationwide that aim at presenting qualitative services to military retirees across the Kingdom. 
Heading to Mafraq, Issawi visited Al al-Bayt University, which is home to several Royal initiative projects, such as creating a business incubator, building a swimming pool and furnishing the engineering college.
He also checked on the Rehab-Dajniyyeh-Nuaimeh Bridge road, the construction of which is scheduled to begin in 2020, and visited the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Zone, which is located on a road network connecting Jordan with Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. 
In Zarqa, Issawi visited the youth rehabilitation and business incubator, based in the Zarqa Chamber of Industry, where he met with a group of young people participating in training courses, who acquainted him with the role of the incubator in encouraging their “spirit of innovation”.
Issawi also visited the sports Zarqa union club, which was established under a Royal initiative with the aim of enabling young people to play sports in a healthy environment that boosts their capabilities and skills. 

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