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Improving food security requires integrated regional approach — Prince Hassan


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan, chairman of the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST), on Thursday attended the second consultative meeting of the bodies concerned with studying the Zero Hunger Strategic Review as part of the sustainable development goals.
In his opening speech, Prince Hassan said that improving the food security situation requires an integrated regional approach that recognises the connection between food, water and energy and adopts policies and techniques based on a strategic vision and defined priorities. He called for switching from talking about problems to finding solutions through the creation of regional and integral economic policies that ensure the basis of a safe and stable life in the region, according to a statement by Prince Hassan’s office. 
The Prince stressed the need to rely on scientific knowledge based on human, natural and economic data, which can helps in formulating sound policies and development plans, pointing out the importance of investing in human resources and developing vocational education, as it will positively reflect on the process of sustainable development in Jordan.
The Prince also highlighted the importance of strengthening the productivity of social networks in civil society and of enhancing partnerships between different sectors.
Prince Hassan underlined the need to constantly follow up and review these strategies, in addition to sharing them with relevant entities and individuals to promote the concept of partnership, active citizenship and responsibility, the statement concluded.

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