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Royal Decree outlines protocol of Crown Prince Hussein's flag


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued, in the latest edition of the Official Gazette, outlining the design, dimensions and specifications of the flag representing HRH Crown Prince Hussein for the year 2023. The decree also provided instructions on the proper usage of the flag, in accordance with Article 3 of Jordanian Flags Law No. 6 of 2004.
According to the Royal Decree, the flag represents Crown Prince Hussein and features bundles of black, white, green and red rays, with a seven-pointed star encircling a silver crown. The colours of the flag hold national significance, just like the Jordanian flag, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.
Each colour of the Crown Prince's flag represents an Islamic caliphate: The black bundle signifies the Abbasids, the white represents the Umayyads, and the green symbolises the Fatimids, while the green colour carries further symbolic meaning as it is traditionally associated with Islam and Muslims in general.
The red bundle in the flag represents the Hashemite dynasty and the Great Arab Revolt, while the seven-pointed star symbolises the verses of Surah Al Fatiha and reflects the unity of the Arab peoples.
The silver crown embodies the Monarchy and represents the Crown Prince. Positioned at the centre of the star, the silver crown signifies the central role of the Crown Prince, bringing together all spectrum of society.
As per the Royal Decree, the Crown Prince's flag is to be raised at his residence, the Royal Hashemite Court, his private means of transportation, as well as at his designated Royal camp or military camp.
The decree also outlines guidelines for using the Crown Prince's flag, designating the flag as Crown Prince Hussein’s personal flag and dictating that it should only be raised in his presence or residence.
The Crown Prince's flag is to be continuously raised at his private residence day and night. It shall also be raised in front of or above his desk at the Royal Hashemite Court, and lowered from the court when His Royal Highness departs, with the Jordanian flag raised in its place.
Regarding the usage of the Crown Prince's flag, it is prohibited for the flag to touch the ground or water. It must not be employed for ornamental purposes or raising multiple flags of it in one location. Additionally, raising the flag on hotels during international travels is strictly forbidden.
Furthermore, specific ceremonial events for raising the Crown Prince's flag are not required. It should not be affixed to the military attire of officers, non-commissioned officers, or members of his security entourage. The flag should not be raised alongside foreign flags, and it is prohibited to fly it at half-mast.
In accordance with the Royal Decree, the following considerations are observed when raising the flag of the Crown Prince:
A. It should be positioned on the left side of the Crown Prince's desk or reception hall, with the Jordanian flag to his right when he is seated in his office or reception area.
B. The flag should conform to the prescribed design, dimensions, specifications and colours.
C. It should be elevated at least 15 centimetres above the ground.
The instructions for using the flag of Crown Prince Hussein, issued in 2015, have been revoked.

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