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About 1.2 million visitors to Aqaba during first 8 months


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AMMAN— About 1.2 million visitors went to Aqaba during the first 8 months of 2022, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.
Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority on Friday said the number of visitors "exceeded expectations".
Nidal Al-Majali, a commissioner for tourism and environment at the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority said "we are recording higher numbers of visitors than expected in Aqaba, as we expected to reach 850,000 visitors to Aqaba during 202.”
Majali talked about "630,000 registrations in Aqaba hotels, more than 170,000 entries from the southern Jordan crossing, and more than 190,000 entered through King Hussein Airport with more than 1,600 air movements," noting that "this week we receive 16 Aircraft movement each three days, which indicates the activity of the area."
Aqaba "hosts a number of important events", including a concert by one of the Arab artists, according to Al-Majali, expecting "to record more than JD2 millions of income from tickets paid to attend the Arab singer concert."
He said "this week’s bookings for 4- and 3-star hotels increased, while in previous months 5-star hotels recorded the highest increase."
Also, the Wadi Rum desert hosts the Jordanian Camel Festival, in which more than 700 camels will participate.
Wadi Rum records at least 1,400 visitors daily this week, according to Majali.

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