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Vision or a plan? - Editorial, The Jordan Times



Prime Minister Omar Razzaz submitted on Monday his government's platform for governing the country to the extraordinary session of the Lower House with clarity of voice and vision, and on the basis of which he aspires to gain the Parliament's vote of confidence.
Razzaz’s plan of action was a departure from traditional styles and content followed by previous prime ministers who appeared before Parliament, seeking their vote of confidence. Razzaz was quite articulate when he outlined the main features of his agenda, saying right at the outset that he aims to execute a national renaissance programme, coupled with the enactment of a new social contract between the government and citizens.
The prime minister got into more specifics when he outlined eight steps on the basis of which he hopes to implement his grand design for the future. First, Razzaz said, there must be an absolute respect for the rule of law and a concerted action to combat corruption in all its forms. Second, he wants to combat poverty and unemployment, which he described as serious problems facing the country. Third, the premier seeks to promote investment and economic growth in cooperation with the private sector. Fourth, he aims to promote political reform, including strengthening the role of women, promoting human rights, safeguarding the roles of the judiciary and the press. Fifth, Razzaz eyes financial reform by controlling state expenditure, reducing national debt and enacting a new income tax legislation. Sixth, the prime minister wants the reform of all administrative services to the public. Seventh, Razzaz plans to lend more support to the armed forces and state security agencies. Eighth, he seeks to upgrade public services across the board.
These are indeed ambitious goals and deserve the appreciation and support of not only PMs, but also citizens of all walks of life. Yet, realising them is not going to be easy. That is why they can be better described as the prime minister's vision for the future, rather than his blueprint for serving the country.

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