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‘1,520 establishments closed for violations since curfew first imposed’


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A total of 1,520 establishments have been closed for violating public safety and health protection measures from the start of the curfew until Sunday, including 99 closures since Tuesday, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply.
The number of establishments visited since the start of the curfew until Sunday has reached about 87,000 establishments with about 2,080 violations of legislation and defence orders detected. 
Monitoring tours have been implemented at various governorates, ministries and relevant government agencies including representatives of the Ministries of Industry, Trade and Supply, Labour, Health, Interior, Environment, Tourism and Local Administration, as well as the Greater Amman Municipality and the Jordan Food and Drug Administration.
The tours have focused on educating the owners of the establishments on the importance of implementing public safety and health protection measures to confront the coronavirus pandemic in a way that strengthens the protection of citizens’ safety and guarantees the progress of various activities as planned.
Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Tareq Hammouri reviewed the progress of monitoring operations and field reports received from the regulatory authorities.
He stressed the need for unified inspection teams and related monitoring authorities to continue monitoring establishments in all governorates, and to hold accountable all those who violate the law and defence orders, especially Defence Order No. 11, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to protect establishments, suppliers and consumers.
The tours aim at ensuring that establishments adhere to public safety measures, especially using safety materials such as masks and gloves, providing for sterilisation and maintaining physical distancing.
Monitoring teams stressed the importance of the cooperation and commitment of establishments and the public to safety measures to maintain the achievements made in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and ensure the continuity of work in most sectors after Jordan reached a “moderate” risk level.
The unification of the monitoring efforts among the ministries and the concerned authorities came with the aim of facilitating procedures and eliminating confusion, according to the statement.

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