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Foreign Ministry summons Israeli ambassador in Amman


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Foreign Ministry on Monday summoned the Israeli ambassador in Jordan, following the extreme racist and inciting statements of the Israeli minister of finance and his use of a map of Israel, showcasing the borders of Jordan and the occupied Palestinian territories during his participation in an event held in Paris. 
The ministry described the Israeli minister’s move as “inciting and reckless”, constituting an extremist racist act and a violation of international norms and the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sinan Majali revealed that the Israeli ambassador was urged to convey a strongly worded protest to the Israeli government.
Majali warned of the danger of Israel’s continued extremist racist actions similar to those undertaken by the Israeli finance minister, who had previously called for “wiping out” the Palestinian village of Huwara.
The ministry urged the international community to condemn the Israeli minister's extremist and inciting actions, and statements, which also represent a violation of human values and principles.
Majali said that the Israeli ambassador was informed of the Israeli government’s need to take a clear stance regarding these extremist behaviours and incitement, bigoted statements issued by a current minister in the Israeli government.
The ministry is taking all necessary political and legal measures to confront such extremist, hateful behaviours and statements, as they constitute a dangerous escalation threatening security and stability, he added.  
Majali reaffirmed that the abhorrent statements will not harm Jordan nor trivialise the rights of Palestinians, he said.
“Such statements will rather show the world the extent of the historical injustice to which the Palestinian people are subjected as well as expose the danger of the extremist racist ideology that the Israeli minister adopts,” Majali said. 

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