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Azaizeh checks on passenger stations at Aqaba, Nuweiba ports


The Jordan Times


 AMMAN — Minister of Transport Wajih Azaizeh on Thursday said that the Arab Bridge Maritime has been a pioneering idea that constitutes a shift in work, income, profitability, regular daily performance and maritime transport. 

Azaizeh, during the inspection of the passenger stations in the ports of Aqaba and Egypt’s Nuweiba, praised the efforts and plans of the company’s management, which contributed to maintaining positive results and the competitiveness of workers' efforts and the success in terms of Arab transport since its establishment over 35 years ago. 
All proposals made by the company will be discussed in the next session of the board of directors, to be held in Cairo this Saturday and Sunday in the presence of the transport ministers of Egypt and Iraq, he noted. 

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