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Crackdown on illegal migration brokers in Jordan


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The Jordanian Public Prosecution has taken decisive action against individuals involved in facilitating illegal migration.
An Irbid prosecutor ordered the detention of a person for 15 days in a correctional facility on charges related to human trafficking, after acting as a broker to facilitate illegal travel, which endangered the victims' lives.
Another individual, the owner of a travel services office, was banned from traveling for three months, extendable to a year, under Article 15/A/3 of the Anti-Human Trafficking Law.
Human trafficking through illegal migration is classified as a severe crime under Jordanian law, carrying penalties of up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to 20,000 dinars. The law considers such crimes to have aggravated circumstances due to their transnational nature and the involvement of multiple perpetrators and victims.
Two victims of illegal migration filed complaints with security authorities, leading the Human Trafficking Unit to investigate and uncover evidence of a transnational human trafficking operation, involving multiple perpetrators and victims, as per Articles 9/C/8 and 9/C/2 of the Anti-Human Trafficking Law No. 9 of 2009 and Article 76 of the Penal Code.
The case, reported by the Jordan News Agency (Petra), highlights the severe risks faced by victims of illegal migration, who often deal with unknown smugglers and traffickers. Victims face financial exploitation, life-threatening conditions, and violations of international borders, with their documents destroyed and identities hidden.
Article 12/C of the Anti-Human Trafficking Law mandates that authorities protect the victims' physical and psychological well-being, provide necessary health, psychological, educational, and social care, and facilitate their safe and swift return to their home countries, considering the best interests of any children involved.
The law also ensures that victims are allowed to present their case during investigations and trials, guaranteeing their identity and age are established to protect them from perpetrators.
Victims are entitled to temporary residence in Jordan during investigations and trials, legal assistance, translation services, compensation for material and moral damages, and confidentiality of related information. Suitable shelters and necessary security protection are also provided.
Despite other legislations, the law grants the prosecutor general the authority to cease pursuing charges against victims if they were coerced into participating in the human trafficking crimes. Affected parties can appeal the prosecutor's decision.
The Public Prosecution urged anyone victimized by illegal migration brokers and human traffickers to report to the authorities, aiming to identify the primary perpetrators and protect individuals and the community.

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