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UNHCR says Jordan ‘generously hosting’ refugees, cannot confirm deportation of Yemeni nationals


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan has said that the Government of Jordan has been “generously hosting” large numbers of refugees for decades. 
UNHCR works closely with the Government of Jordan to promote protection and solutions for refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan, UNHCR spokesperson in Amman Mohammad Hawari told The Jordan Times on Thursday.
A report published on March 30 by Human Rights Watch suggests that several Yemeni nationals have been deported from Jordan over the past few months, Hawari said.
UNHCR cannot confirm whether actual deportations of Yemeni nationals have taken place. Usually, UNHCR would receive some advance notice regarding imminent deportations from individuals concerned or members of their community but has not been alerted in the context of the alleged cases, the spokesperson said.
UNHCR is aware that a number of Yemeni nationals have been issued deportation orders as a result of the violation of the residency and labour legislation, Hawari said.
In all such instances, UNHCR is in contact with the Government of Jordan to determine the best possible course of action in conformity with international refugee law. Individuals are provided with full information and counselling to assist them in relation to asylum and the right to work in Jordan.  UNHCR places particular importance on regularly engaging with the refugee community on key concerns regarding their status in Jordan, he said.

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