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UNESCO board unanimously endorses resolution on Jerusalem’s Old City


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The UNESCO Executive Board on Monday, during its 209th session, unanimously endorsed a resolution on the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls. 
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Daifallah Fayez said that adoption of this resolution is a result of “intensified” Jordanian diplomatic efforts in coordination with Palestine and the Arab and Islamic groups at the UN, according to a ministry statement.
Fayez noted that the resolution reiterates "all previous gains" that have been achieved on the Jerusalem issue.
The spokesperson pointed out that the resolution and its two appendices highlight "all elements" of the Jordanian stances towards the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls, including the Islamic and Christian holy sites.
The resolution emphasises the rejection of all unilateral Israeli measures at these historical sites, he added.   
It also calls on Israel to stop its unilateral and illegal practices against Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif and within the old city and its walls, he said.
The resolution and its appendices stress the nullity of all Israeli procedures that aim to alter the identity of the holy city and its status. They also “remind” Israel of the 17 UNESCO resolutions related to Jerusalem, “which all highlight the failure of Israel, as an occupying power, to stop excavations and establishing tunnels and all other illegal practices”, according to the statement. 
According to Fayez, the resolution also calls for hastening procedures to appoint a permanent UNESCO representative to the old city to monitor and detect violations that fall under the agency's jurisdiction. 
Jordan's Ambassador to Paris and the Kingdom's permanent representative to UNESCO Makram Qaisi delivered a speech warning Israel against annexing "any part" of occupied Palestinian territories and of the repercussions of such a step should it be implemented. 

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