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Israeli Occupation strike inside Iran responds to Tehran's provocation, reports say


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The Israeli Occupation military conducted an airstrike inside Iran in retaliation for Iran's missile attack against Tel Aviv, said The Washington Post, citing a senior official in Tel Aviv.
The official stated that the purpose of the strike was to demonstrate Tel Aviv's capability to target locations within Iran.
Yedioth Ahronoth, a Hebrew newspaper, reported that Israeli Occupation defense systems were put on high alert.
- Iran comments on attack -
The Iranian News Agency confirmed that no significant explosions resulting in casualties were reported across the country due to external threats. The agency also assured the safety of nuclear facilities in Isfahan Province, with no incidents recorded.
Tasnim News Agency of Iran denied reports of explosions in Tabriz, attributing the sounds heard to defenses engaging suspicious objects.
- Israeli Occupation army announces end of attack - 
Hebrew Channel 12 stated that according to assessments from the army and security services, the attack on Iran is believed to have concluded, yet Tel Aviv remains on high alert.
Fox News, citing an American military source, earlier reported that the scope of the Israeli Occupation missile attacks on Iran was limited.
Hebrew Channel 12 reported that despite informing Tel Aviv in advance about a planned strike on Iran, Washington did not express a specific position.

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