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Refugees are not mere numbers — Prince Hassan


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — It is time to provide unique solutions that transcend current approaches to dealing with refugees and immigrants, HRH Prince Hassan said on Tuesday, noting that traditional approaches rely on categorisations and statistics that neither provide solutions nor humanitarian treatment. 
Prince Hassan made his remarks during an address at the closing session of the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development’s (ARDD) Global Network of Experts on the Question of Palestine, according to a statement from the prince’s office.
The prince stressed the need to stop referring to refugees through numbers but rather address the issue with an approach of “human dignity”.
Prince Hassan highlighted the importance of regional integration and the participation of experts, academicians, civil society institutions, host communities and the refugees themselves to issue policies that tackle not only the plight of Palestinian refugees but the stability of the entire region. 
The prince renewed his call for the creation of a regional database to alleviate the effects of human and natural disasters, built on a moral foundation and a “true understanding of reality”, in its human, economic and spatial components.
Prince Hassan highlighted the importance of enhancing the rights to protection and democratic security, and forming economic and development plans to empower refugees.   
“It is unfortunate that even after the passing of more than 70 years, and in spite of international decisions and the universal declaration of human rights, the issue of Palestinian refugees remains unresolved,” Prince Hassan said. 
“Over the past few months, we have noticed several attempts to infringe upon the rights of refugees to a dignified life and their basic needs,” he added. 
The prince pointed to UNRWA’s “unique role” and the need for support to maintain it, according to the statement. 
 “When it comes to a holistic and permanent solution, justice must be discussed. We are at a crossroads where we either attract hatred or diversity, which calls for mutual respect.” 

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