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DJG holds 14th Jordan-Germany youth exchange programme


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AMMAN — The German Jordanian Friendship Association (Deutsch-Jordanische Gesellschaft, DJG) is holding their 14th youth exchange programme with a group of 16 young Jordanians visiting Germany, according to a statement by the association.
The DJG has been working on intercultural understanding between the two nations for over 50 years and originated from a personal connection between DJG founder Kurt Uihlein and His Majesty the late King Hussein, read the statement. 
The young Jordanians between the ages of 19 and 26 arrived in Berlin on Saturday, August 24, for a 12-day visit to Bavaria and Germany. It is the exchange visit after a German group from Bavaria experienced “the overwhelming hospitality of young Jordanians in the summer/autumn of 2018”.
After spending the first days in the German capital Berlin to meet German government officials and to learn about German history, the main part of the exchange takes place in the Bavarian towns Munich, Regensburg and Ingolstadt and includes a factory visit to the German automobile manufacturer Audi, an excursion to the Alps and a visit to the Dachau concentration camp.
In Berlin, Jordanian ambassador to Germany Bashar Zoubi welcomed the group.
The Youth exchange programme is supported by “all official bodies of the two countries” and by various sponsors including the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.
 “We believe it is very important to make once again a significant contribution to the current, important dialogue between the younger generations in Germany and the Arab world, especially because of the troubled times and upheavals in the Arab world,” read the statement.
A visit for German students to Jordan is already planned for 2020, concluded the statement.

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