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The government clarification about the resignation of Minister of Labor


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Minister of State for Media Affairs and the government spokesperson, Sakher Dudin on Monday explained that Prime Minister, Dr Bisher Khasawneh had a meeting with the Minister of Labor, Maen Qatamin on Saturday with regards to the cabinet reshuffle.

Dudin explained that Prime Minister informed the Minister of Labor that combining the ministries of Labor and Investment proved to be useless during the past months.
Dudin added that Prime Minister presented three options to the Minister of Labor: Ministry of Labor, Investment file administration through the presidency of the Investment Authority or submitting his resignation in preparation for cabinet reshuffle.
Dudin indicated that Qatamin informed the Prime Minister that he would accept heading the Ministry of Labor where he was sworn in yesterday before His Majesty King Abdullah and attended the Cabinet session. However, news have been reported on social media that Qatamin submitted his resignation.
It is worth mentioning that a Royal Decree was issued Monday accepting the resignation of Minister of labor, Maen Qatamin as of 8 March 2021. A Royal Decree was also issued approving the appointment of Ayman Almefleh who was tasked with heading the Labor Ministry.

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