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Hizbullah Attacks Israeli Base and Vehicles, Israel Bombs Border Area




Israel said it was returning fire Sunday after anti-tank missiles were launched at its territory from Lebanon, raising fears of a serious escalation with Hizbullah after a week of rising tensions.
"A number of anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon towards an (Israeli military) base and military vehicles," an Israeli army statement said.
"A number of hits have been confirmed. (Israel's military) is responding with fire towards the sources of fire and targets in southern Lebanon."
Hizbullah meanwhile claimed responsibility for the attack on "an Israeli military vehicle in Avivim," saying the strike caused deaths and injuries.
Israel has been bracing for a possible attack by Hizbullah in response to Israeli strikes on Hizbullah targets in Lebanon and Syria in recent weeks.
Israel and Hizbullah are bitter enemies that fought a monthlong war in 2006 that ended in a stalemate. Despite their deep hostility, they have largely refrained from direct fighting for the past 13 years.
The Israeli military said it had encouraged residents near the northern border with Lebanon to stay indoors and ordered public bomb shelters to open.

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