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Cassation Court upholds over three-year sentence for drug dealer


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AMMAN — The Court of Cassation has upheld a July 2022 State Security Court (SSC) ruling, sentencing a drug dealer to over three years in prison after convicting him of possessing illegal narcotics in Amman in January 2022.
The court declared the defendant guilty of obtaining illegal narcotics with the intent of selling the drugs to an undercover agent in the Marka neighbourhood on January 24.
The SSC handed the defendant five years in prison for the offence of possessing illegal narcotics and ordered him to pay JD5,000 in fines.
However, the court decided to reduce the fine to JD3,500 and the prison term to three years and four months in prison to give the defendant a second chance in life.
Court documents said the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) learnt the defendant was in possession of illegal narcotics and sent one of its agents to pose as a buyer.
“The AND agent got in touch with the defendant and asked him for a small stash of Captagon, Crystal Myth and other illegal drugs,” court documents said.
When the two met, AND agents immediately arrested the suspect, court papers added.
Upon searching the defendant, court papers said, AND personnel found a small quantity of illegal narcotics on him, including three Capagon pills". 
The defendant contested the SSC’s ruling through his lawyer, who argued that the court “did not provide solid evidence to implicate his client”.
The lawyer also argued that the “illegal drugs found in my client’s possession were for personal use”.
Meanwhile, the SSC prosecution office asked the higher court to uphold the sentence and the fine imposed on the defendant.
The higher court maintained that the SSC had followed the proper procedures in issuing the sentence against the defendant.
“It was clear to the court that the defendant confessed willingly to possessing the illegal drugs,” the higher court said.
The Court of Cassation judges presiding were Mahmoud Ebtoush, Hayel Amr, Majid Azab, Fawzi Nahar and Mohammad Shreiri.

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