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Netanyahu's government faces internal accusations over leaked secrets


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Members of Benjamin Netanyahu's government and his opponents have started accusing each other over the leaking of secrets.
The controversy began when Netanyahu accused National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir of mishandling "state" secrets.
Israeli Occupation Army Radio said that Netanyahu told Ben Gvir that anyone wishing to participate in a consultation body must prove they have not leaked state secrets. In response, Ben Gvir agreed to the legislation of a lie detector law, provided it includes Netanyahu as well.
The State Camp party questioned why Netanyahu would allow a minister he suspects of leaking secrets to control the police. Opposition leader Yair Lapid commented that he agreed with both Netanyahu and Ben Gvir, regarding the accusations of leaking and lying.
Lapid has previously criticized Netanyahu's government, describing it as chaotic, internally conflicted, and neglectful of regional issues. He asserted that the government needs to be overthrown and believes it is possible to do so, especially after Gantz's resignation.
The Hebrew Broadcasting Authority reported that Netanyahu dissolved the emergency war cabinet after Ben Gvir demanded to join. Instead, Netanyahu plans to form a smaller political council including the ministers of defense, strategic affairs, and the head of the National Security Council.

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