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Jordan carries out three aid airdrops over south Gaza


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The Jordanian Armed Forces -Arab Army executed today, Sunday, three joint air drops of humanitarian and food aid targeting several locations in the southern Gaza Strip – a statement by the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) said today.
The airdrops included relief and humanitarian aid to support the people in Gaza Strip, amidst the ongoing “Israeli” war on the territory.
Participating in the aid drop operation was one aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF), one aircraft from the Arab Republic of Egypt, and one aircraft from the Federal Republic of Germany – according to the statement.
The JAF reaffirm their commitment to sending humanitarian and medical aid through an airlift, delivering aid via aid planes from Marka Airport to Al-Arish International Airport, or through aerial drops to Gaza Strip, or land convoys of aid, to assist the people in Gaza in overcoming the difficult conditions, embodying the spirit of cooperation and solidarity between the two nations – the statement said.
The number of air drops executed by the JAF since the beginning of the “Israeli” aggression on the territory has reached 95 air drops, 246 air drops in cooperation with partner countries.

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