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Gov’t eager to reinforce communication with media outlets — Media minister


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh on Thursday highlighted the government’s keenness to communicate with media outlets and personnel in the spirit of partnership, cooperation and openness. 
“Since the beginning, I wanted to make sure that my first official visit, outside the scope of the Prime Ministry, was to journalists’ home and association,” Adaileh said during a visit to the Jordan Press Association (JPA) headquarters.
In a meeting with JPA President Rakan Saaideh and a number of the association’s members, the minister lauded the development of Jordanian media and the shift resulting from advancement in electronic and social media, underlining Jordan’s ability to sustain this progress.
Adaileh pointed to the importance of the media’s role in highlighting the Kingdom’s achievements, noting that they are the outcome of unity between Jordan’s Hashemite leadership and its people.
The government will study the conditions of print newspapers and various news outlets, in cooperation with their administrations and the JPA, he said.
The government has set a media plan for most ministries and public institutions to empower their spokespeople and unite the messages received by the public, Adaileh said. 
The minister announced a series of upcoming visits to media institutions within the framework of communication and discussion to achieve the common goal of enhancing Jordanian media, expressing appreciation for the JPA’s role in achieving that objective and defending the rights of employees in the media sector. 
According to Adaileh, the government will launch the second phase of its plan next week, which tackles administrative reform through an assessment of the conditions of independent institutions to determine the need to merge or abolish some of them. 
This second phase seeks to rectify bureaucratic and administrative problems within these institutions to improve the quality of services they provide.  
“The government, in fulfilment of His Majesty King Abdullah’s directive given during his speech at the inauguration of the fourth ordinary Parliament session, will continue its partnership approach with the Lower House,” Adaileh said, adding that a joint government-Lower House meeting was held on Thursday to exchange perspectives on the economic incentives bundle and the 2020 state budget bill.
For his part, Saaideh welcomed the minister at the JPA, commending his visit as a reflection of the government’s keenness to communicate with the media and its belief in the media’s role and stature.  

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