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Moscow Ignores Accusations of Escalation Near Idlib


Asharq Al-Awsat


Moscow ignored on Monday accusations concerning airstrikes it launched on the town of Binnish in Idlib province, killing three people from the same family.
Meanwhile, Russian state-owned media outlets spoke about the latest developments related to the military operation launched by government forces in Idlib, noting that it mainly aimed to prevent the delivery of additional arms and equipment to Jabhat al-Nusra militants in the city.
The Ministry did not comment on news about ongoing military escalation in Idlib during the past two days. It also avoided to deny or confirm reports saying Russian jets targeted places in Binnish and surrounding areas in Idlib countryside with more than ten missiles, killing three persons of a single family and injuring another person.
For its part, the Russian Novosti news agency said Syrian jets targeted a Jubhat al-Nusra a large arms depot in Idlib, completely destroying it.
It quoted a Syrian military source as saying that reconnaissance aircrafts had monitored the hostile site that was used by the armed militias as an arms and ammunition depot.
The Syrian airstrikes came few weeks after Russia launched a series of signs about the need to face the “provocations conducted by armed militants in Idlib.”
Moscow had announced that drones approached the area around the Russian Hmeimim Air Force Base, however, Russian military statements avoided directly holding pro-Turkish factions responsible for the military escalation in the area, speaking only about “illegal armed groups active in Idlib.”
Russian sources had stressed on the importance of not allowing terrorists in the city from using the ceasefire to rearm their units or to receive additional weapons.
The announcement came one week before the Syrian security apparatus revealed the seizure of a large quantity of arms and ammunition on the administrative border between Homs and Hama, ready to be smuggled to terrorist groups in the countryside of northern Idlib.

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