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Zarqa River conditions responsibility of Ruseifa Municipality — Water ministry


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — In light of concerns about Zarqa River’s poor infrastructure and dilapidated conditions, the Ruseifa Municipality recently filed a complaint against the Water and Public Works ministries.
Following the circulation of news regarding the complaint, the Water Ministry sent a statement to The Jordan Times, in which it noted that, according to the Municipalities Law 41 and its amendments for 2015, it is the responsibility of a municipality as a government entity to improve services provided to citizens within its jurisdiction. 
The Ruseifa Municipality claims that, since the river passes through more than one governorate outside residential areas, it is not under its jurisdiction. The Water Ministry, however, said that the mayor is the “first person responsible” for providing better services within the area. 
The ministry cited Article 5 of the Municipalities Law, which states that the municipal council must take the necessary precautions to prevent damage from floods, torrents and snow within the jurisdiction of a municipality and assist those impacted by fires, floods, earthquakes and other disasters; collecting donations and distributing them. 
The law also calls on municipalities to work on preventing contamination of water bodies, in addition to monitoring barren lands and protecting roads. 
The Water Ministry affirmed that its cadres are ready to provide support to all those involved in improving services to the public, voicing its appreciation for all entities and institutions and its commitment to the rulings of the judicial council, system and courts. 

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